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So many people are talking about the benefits of CBD, but what does CBD oil taste like? As a consumer, it’s important to know what kind of flavor experience you’ll have when trying CBD. Today is your lucky day if you want to know what CBD tastes like!

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil Taste

CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil have a drastically different taste.

Cannabidiol in its purest form is CBD isolate. On its own, the CBD doesn’t have much of a flavor or taste. This type of CBD is usually paired with an oil; for example, in Infinite CBD Isolate Droppers, the CBD is mixed with coconut oil. In this case, it’s the coconut oil that gives the CBD isolate the slightest of flavors – it tastes smooth and buttery.

This attribute also means that it’s easy to flavor CBD isolate with terpenes because no other flavors need to be masked.

Full spectrum CBD Oil has a very distinct taste.

Full spectrum CBD contains a lot of plant matter. More specifically, chlorophyll is why full spectrum CBD tastes more earthy, and the reason why it has a distinct dark green to dark brown color. This type of CBD can be hard to stomach, because of chlorophyll, which is why many full spectrum CBD companies try to add flavors to mask the earthly essences.

CBD Isolate can have a much more predictable flavor, especially when paired with coconut oil and natural flavorings are used. Full spectrum CBD oil can have a more unpredictable flavor, depending on the dose of CBD, the plant matter, remaining solvents, and added flavors used to mask the natural chlorophyll.

The CBD Delivery Method Effects the Taste of CBD

CBD tastes different based on the delivery method. Based on the delivery method, the body digests, processes, and distributes CBD throughout the body differently. For example, CBD Nano Shots will taste different than CBD Asteroid Gummies.

Like any other capsule, you might take, CBD capsules don’t have a lingering flavor or distinct aftertaste.

Sublingual CBD with coconut oil tastes smooth and buttery.

The digestion of Asteroid Gummies begins in the mouth, with each gummy having a unique flavor, like lime, lemon, and orange.

When vaped, CBD can feel cool and refreshing, and won’t have much of a taste unless terpenes are added.

Terpenes can also be added to Droppers. Different terpene profiles have different flavors and different benefits. This allows consumers to tailor their CBD experience based on their individual needs and flavors.

If you have trouble taking CBD because you don’t like the flavor, consider trying a new delivery method. There are numerous methods available, and chances are, you’ll find one that your tastebuds love.

The Taste of CBD Oil

From a broad perspective, CBD oil can have many different tastes. When examined more closely, the taste of CBD oil is less happenstance, and based more on whether it’s CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD, and the delivery method chosen.

Whether you’re looking for a more subtle CBD experience, or one that’s full of flavor, the right CBD product for you is out there. Consider trying a few of Infinite CBD’s many CBD isolate products.