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Han Solo

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Volkswagen based mostly dune buggies additionally appeared in relatively massive numbers within the Sixties and Seventies based mostly normally on a shortened ground pan. Car manufacturing had increased considerably and with rust proofing in its infancy many older vehicles had been being sent to breaker yards as their bodywork was past economic repair. An industry grew up supplying new our bodies and chassis to take the elements from these vehicles and convert them into new vehicles, significantly into sports activities automobiles. Fiber strengthened plastic (aka “GRP,” or “fiberglass”) was coming into basic use and made limited-scale manufacturing of vehicle physique parts much more economical. Also, in the UK up to the mid-Nineteen Seventies, equipment vehicles were generally regular manufacturing automobiles that have been partially assembled as this prevented the imposition of purchase tax because the kits were assessed as parts and never autos. In 1896 the Englishman Thomas Hyler-White developed a design for a automobile that could be assembled at residence and technical designs were printed in a journal called The English Mechanic. In the USA, the Lad’s Car of 1912 could possibly be bought for $one hundred sixty ($3000 US in 2006) absolutely assembled or $one hundred forty ($2600 US in 2006) in package kind.
A bold illuminated signal by D.R.U. was located on the top wall, facing the city centre. Receive Free Delivery on Beauty Orders when you use this low cost code at Debenhams Free Delivery Codes.
It was quickly interrupted by an arrival of Solo’s pal Col Serra, who informed him that Bhan was bush-walked on Tatooine, supposedly by the same particular person Solo was talking to. The secret agent tried to deny it, but Solo and Serra confronted him anyway. After a brief struggle, they subdued him and, leaving him on the ground, departed, oblivious to the truth that the operative managed to position a tracking system on Solo.
Vape Shop in Warwick, UK
Han’s youngsters additionally played an important function within the battle as Anakin was able to make use of a planetary repulsor to stop the Starbuster beam from destroying Bovo Yagen. Because of his spouse’s function as Chief of State, there have been many attempts on her life. An alliance of Yevethan worlds known as the Duskhan League supposed to cleanse the Koornacht Cluster of all non-Yevethan species. In 13 ABY, Leia was taken captive by Seti Ashgad and Dzym, who took her to Nam Chorios. Han, Chewbacca, and Lando went to rescue her, however ended up delayed by the confusion caused by the outbreak of the Death Seed plague, and also they did not know where she was. Soon after Han reunited with Leia and participated within the Battle of Nam Chorios, as a commander. The battle ended when Luke Skywalker managed to persuade the Chorian crystal thoughts of the threat that Ashgad posed to the galaxy if his plans succeeded.

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All that’s recognized is that the occasions by way of which he earned them took place over a number of days. Because they had been non-Imperial awards, they were the only decorations that were not stripped from his uniform after his courtroom-martial. Alexsandr Badure did later inform an interviewer that Solo’s second-class bloodstripes got here from an incident dealing with a Wookiee. In 5 BBY, he was dispatched to help Commander Nyklas in duties including slaving and building work. In this capacity, Han boarded a derelict slaving craft to seek out that its cargo of Wookiee children had escaped and that a badly wounded Wookiee was within the pilot’s seat.

From this diary, Leia discovered that her father had not at all times been the evil monster she thought he was and learned to forgive him. Enlisting the assistance of some Squibs, Han and Leia went on a long chase to lastly retrieve the painting, throughout which Han became lost in a sandstorm and suffered from dehydration. Leia and the Darklighter household rescued him they usually have been finally able to retrieve the Shadowcast key, though the Empire gained possession of the portray.
The doors to each wings from New Street can be eliminated when crowds get massive and queues develop at the doors. They are sheltered by a glass roof often known as the SkyPlane which covers 7,000 sq. metres and appears to have no visible means of support. The balustrades in the East Mall encompass built-in glass ‘jewels’ throughout the steel framework, and are of various colours shaped through polyester powder coating. Touchscreen computer systems, developed by Calm Digital, are situated all through the building which allow a user to search for the location of a certain store or browse a map of the complicated. It features a dramatic landmark constructing, housing a branch of Selfridges department retailer to a design by the Future Systems architectural practice. The retailer is clad in 15,000 shiny aluminium discs and was inspired by a Paco Rabanne sequinned costume. The Selfridges retailer cost £60 million and the contractor was Laing O’Rourke.

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However, they soon learned that the planet was home to the Dathomiri “Force witches” as well as Warlord Zsinj’s hidden base of operations. Han was captured by one of the witch clans who hoped to commerce him to Zsinj in exchange for a transport to flee Dathomir.
While following Tav Breil’lya, Fey’lya’s aide, Han was stopped by Sena, however earlier than they’d a lot for discussion, they were interrupted by an Imperial raid. Fleeing in the Lady Luck with Lando—Leia had been utilizing the Falcon—Han and Lando have been escorted back to Peregrine’s Nest, the place they met the legendary Corellian Senator Garm Bel Iblis and his personal military.
Vape Shop in Warwick, UK
Princess Leia Organa had additionally been captured by the pirate while on her way to the Drexel system to search out out what happened to Luke, and Jack intended to carry the Princess for ransom. But Han and Leia secretly devised a plan to trick the pirates into taking them to the Drexel system by claiming that the Rebels have stockpiled a treasure there. Accepting Solo’s claim, Jack went to Drexel the place the met up with Luke and encountered Quarg, the Governor of Drexel, and the Dragon Lords. Teaming up with the Dragon Lords, Han and Luke managed to avoid ivg eliquid strawberry sensation 0mg 50ml wasting Leia, the droids, and Chewbacca. Han then confronted off in opposition to Jack in area the place he shot the pirate, killing him. Solo and Skywalker had been both awarded medals of honor for their efforts, and Solo was handsomely rewarded with 20,000 Alliance Credits and a stash of valuables. The day after the Battle of Yavin, he shot down an Imperial cruiser that was searching for the Death Star, much to the chagrin of his superiors.
The public area to the front of each malls going through the High Street and New Street is known as Rotunda Square after the constructing. On 4 June 2008, the ‘Bullring Britannia’, a cruise ship positioned outside the buying centre in St Martin’s Square, was unveiled by the buying centre homeowners. Throughout the summer time, occasions occurred aboard the ship together with style exhibits, Mr Sexy Legs competition and actions for youngsters.
Jaina thought this to be a trick and killed him, horrified when she felt Jacen reaching out to Tenel Ka. Afterward she believed that Jacen had been himself on the finish, although understanding that there was nonetheless too little of him to be saved. Though the Solos struggled to get via this difficult time, they were able to bear in mind Jacen as the kind younger man he had as soon as been, not the Sith he had became. The warfare had ended, and although Han had misplaced a lot, peace was finally at hand.

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However, Kyp bypassed the codes easily and was getting ready to destroy the Falcon when Exar Kun was defeated by Luke’s college students. Free of the Dark Lord’s affect, Kyp yielded and was taken again to Coruscant for sentencing. After the Zsinj crisis, he married Leia, which made him the husband of the New Republic’s Minister of State and eventually Chief of State. Later that yr, Han accompanied his spouse to Tatooine to recuperate the Alderaanian moss-portray Killik Twilight which held an encrypted Shadowcast key which contained codes once in use by the Alliance. During their trip on Tatooine, the pair met many people who had recognized Anakin Skywalker when he had been a 9-year old slave and Podracer. A snag was thrown into the mission when a group of Imperials were additionally competing for the painting.

It was a mixture of traditional open-air market stalls and a brand new indoor purchasing centre, the first indoor metropolis-centre buying centre within the UK. It was opened by the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh alongside Alderman Frank Price and Sir Herbert Manzoni on 29 May 1964 and had price an estimated £8 million. The shopping centre coated 23 acres and had 350,000 sq ft of retail commerce space. As the redevelopment of 2000 started, archaeological excavations had been carried out on the site. Finds dated back to the twelfth century; a ditch was found the place the Selfridges retailer and Park Street car park are now located.
In addition to all three installments of the original trilogy, Solo has appeared in all kinds of Star Wars novels, comic books, video games, and different media. In the late 1970s, he was the main focus of some of the earliest Expanded Universe materials.
Shortly after, Xaverri and Han deepened their relationship to an intimate stage. Feeling that being around Han and Chewbacca had made her too soft, too susceptible, and too connected to him, she left him after a number of months. He had a selected distaste for “bugs”, as he revealed during the Swarm War, most likely because of the run-in with Kamarian spiritual fanatics early in his smuggling career. Among the multiple skills he developed throughout his early profession, Han Solo turned conversant in the follow and particulars of dishwashing. Han was not identified to be Force-delicate, not like his wife, kids and many of his pals, although because of his experience with the Force via his family and friends, he was Force-attuned. Despite his household and frequent companions including a number of the strongest Jedi within the galaxy, Han was far from helpless compared.

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The blaster shot acquired from Leia causes Solo to be permanently blinded after being released from the carbonite. Calrissian takes the Falcon to the moon’s floor, and when Chewbacca is injured by pursuing TIE fighters, Solo mans the guns, firing blindly as Calrissian goals them on the defend generator.
After that, Han, Leia, Jaina and Tahiri Veila went from system to system trying to re-set up communications with the faraway reaches of the New Republic. During the ultimate days of the war, Han helped extract prisoners taken by the Yuuzhan Vong in the course of the battle of Bilbringi. Later when Luke was disabled by Kyp Durron and the spirit of an historical Sith Lord named Exar Kun, Han and the family went to visit the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin four and have been baffled by his situation. During the dinner that adopted, Leia, along with the twins and the students felt a fantastic disturbance in the Force when the planet of Carida was destroyed by Kyp Durron. Han, who had befriended Kyp Durron, knew he was the only one with an opportunity of stopping him earlier than he killed hundreds extra. Once they found him, Han tried to reason with Kyp and was making progress when Lando disabled the Sun Crusher with pre-existing command codes.
Fett, dubbing Vader’s handiwork, Man in Carbonite, loaded the slab containing Solo aboard the Slave I, and departed for Jabba’s Palace. After escaping Bespin, Skywalker, Leia, Chewbacca, and a repentant Calrissian set about planning Solo’s rescue. s repairs have been still not complete, Solo went to the closest protected haven—Bespin, home to Solo’s old good friend Lando Calrissian’s tibanna mining facility, Cloud City.
He and Skywalker then land onworld while Chewbacca retains the Falcon airborne, and storm the Imperial Palace. As Leia needs them to find her, the one resistance they encounter is four Royal Guards armed with double-bladed lightsabers. Solo and Skywalker struggle them off, and Solo strikes the final blow by seizing one of the lightsabers and stabbing a guard within the back. C-3PO then arrives and escorts them to Leia’s throne room, the place she awaits with Vader and the Emperor. Reprogrammed to serve the Empire, the protocol droid places a blaster to Solo’s head and forces him to look at Skywalker duel his sister.
Vape Shop in Warwick, UK
The chests of treasure the Rebels had given him have been stolen from him nearly instantly after leaving Yavin by the area pirate Crimson Jack , leaving Solo nonetheless unable to pay off Jabba. With the assistance of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Solo managed to defeat the pirate. “Well, something’s better than just hanging round ready for him to select us up.” “You needn’t worry about your reward. If cash is all that you love, then that’s what you may obtain.” “Your good friend’s quite a mercenary. I marvel if he actually cares about anything–or anyone.” In the following battle, the Alliance forces have been victorious, however a number of smugglers, including Jarik Solo, have been killed. Han and his smuggler associates had been double-crossed by Tharen who seized all of the spice and treasures that were to be the smugglers’ reward for the Alliance.
Furious, Vargi went on a rampage and struck Solo, rendering him unconscious. Shortly afterward, Lando returned with weapons and armed the Wookiees still loyal to the Alliance. The Wookiees overthrew their rogue counterparts simply as Chewbacca was capable of overpower Vargi, throwing him to the ground. Though Knife’s slave ring had been dismantled, the skirmish on Kashyyyk would mark the start of the Nagai–Tof War. Refusing to simply accept money from the House of Alderaan and the Rebel Alliance, Han, along with Princess Leia and R2-D2, went to Tatooine to entry Han’s bank account. Unbeknownst to Han, the Jawas additionally captured Boba Fett, who was affected by amnesia after escaping the Sarlacc. Han leaped from his moving landspeeder and entered the sandcrawler’s cargo hold to find Artoo and Boba Fett; he was shocked the bounty hunter survived the Sarlacc too.
There can also be a sub-set of the kit automotive, commonly referred to as a “re-body”, in which a commercially manufactured car has a new body put on the running chassis. A equipment automotive is an car out there as a set of elements that a manufacturer sells and the client then assembles into a functioning automotive.
The fountain was eliminated in 1880 with the intention of re-erecting it in Highgate Park later that year however this didn’t occur and it was destroyed in 1923. In the late 18th century, street commissioners had been authorised to purchase and demolish homes in the city centre, together with homes surrounding the Bull Ring, and to centre all market activity in the space. This was a result of new markets being established throughout the city in scattered areas creating extreme congestion. Demolition of these properties started slowly; nevertheless, after the Act of 1801, the velocity of demolition increased and by 1810 all properties within the space had been cleared as based on the 1810 Map of Birmingham by Kempson. During the clearance, small streets similar to The Shambles, Cock Street and Corn Cheaping, which had existed earlier than the Bull Ring, had been removed. The Shambles was initially a row of butchers’ shops, situated near the street main from the placement the place bulls have been slaughtered. The current buying centre was the busiest in the United Kingdom in 2004 with 36.5 million visitors.
Unfortunately for Solo, he had been overwhelmed there by Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Under duress, Calrissian made a take care of the Dark Lord to betray the Rebels in trade for the continued autonomy of Cloud City. Calrissian invited them for “refreshments,” and led them right into a room where Darth Vader sat, waiting.

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When SVA was first introduced in 1998, many believed this is able to kill off the package car market, however in actuality it has made the kit automotive market stronger, as the autos produced now have to satisfy a minimum commonplace. IVA was launched in summer season 2009 and it’s too early to tell what impression this can have on the industry. The inspection in Sweden is dealt with by the automobile builder’s association SFRO who makes two inspections; one when the automotive has reached the rolling chassis stage and the second when the automotive is completed.
It was meant to search out its method to the planet of Toprawa, however a collision with one other craft had made this impossible. Because Han and Leia had been telling Allana about how Han had acquired the Falon, she thought that they might track down all of the individuals who had owned the ship, finding out what the mysterious element was along the way. Following Jaina’s training beneath Boba Fett, she revealed to Han and Leia that she needed to be the one to kill Jacen, now known as Darth Caedus. Jaina launched into a mission, dueling Caedus first on Nickel One, and then encountering him on the Anakin Solo. After a duel and being mortally wounded, Caedus stopped preventing so he may warn Tenel Ka a couple of threat to Allana.
Rebel ground forces have already weakened the generator, and Solo’s blasts finish the job. The Falcon then boards the Death Star to get well Skywalker, Leia, and a redeemed Darth Vader. After the station is destroyed, Vader joins the Rebel Fleet and efforts are begun to track down the Emperor, Han now carrying a helmet that is apparently meant to compensate for his misplaced eyesight. After arriving at the Imperial throneworld, Solo drops Yoda and R2-D2 off on the Death Star, and leaves with assistance from a thoughts trick by Yoda.
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Following the injury sustained in the Alderaan system, Han, Chewbacca, and Renegade Squadron landed on Ord Mantell to make repairs. However, before the repairs have been finished, the droid bounty hunter IG-88 found them and alerted the Imperials. During a battle with them, an influence converter and an power cell were discovered in the junkyards. Han repaired his ship, and he, Chewbacca, and Renegade Squadron took off from the planet, narrowly avoiding a Star Destroyer squadron. Shortly after, they discovered that Gial Ackbar had been captured by the Empire while on a recon mission to find a new base. Han and Chewbacca aided Han’s new elite fighting drive, Renegade Squadron led by Col Serra, in obtaining a holocron made by Bail Prestor Organa earlier than Alderaan’s destruction. The holocron, encased in phrik, survived the planet’s demise and contained a list of potential bases for the Alliance.

They eventually escaped Daala with the help of one of the researchers Qwi Xux and stole the Sun Crusher. Fleeing from the Maw set up, Han flew the Sun Crusher by way of one of Admiral Daala’s 4 Imperial-class Star Destroyers destroying it. Admiral Daala’s three Star Destroyers pursued the Sun Crusher and fought Doole’s ragtag navy in a space battle above Kessel.
  • Calrissian invited them for “refreshments,” and led them right into a room where Darth Vader sat, waiting.
  • People not involved within the UK package car scene might believe all package automobiles are given a ‘Q’ registration plate which signifies a automobile of unknown or blended age, the place actually a major number (majority?) don’t.
  • Author Brian Daley wrote The Han Solo Adventures in 1979 and 1980, novels which advised tales of Solo’s life as a smuggler before he joined the Rebellion.

Han, with one of many fastest draws of his life, pulled his blaster and fired a pair photographs at Vader, who simply blocked them and snatched the blaster out of Han’s arms utilizing the Force. Solo was badly tortured on a scan grid by the Imperials who, in accordance with him afterward, never even requested him any questions. While in his cell, Calrissian came and informed the agonized Han concerning the custody of Leia and Chewbacca and Vader’s plan to entice Luke Skywalker. Uncaring in regards to the penalties and furious at his pal’s betrayal, Han slugged Calrissian earlier than being subdued by the administrator’s guard element. When the Alliance lost a big shipment of ryll on its way to a Rebel medical facility, Solo was requested to use his underworld contacts to uncover its whereabouts. When dialog with fellow smugglers offered a number of leads, Solo arranged a meeting with Alliance Major Bhan in a cantina on Corellia. However, as an alternative of Bhan, an ISB posing as a smuggler approached Solo and engaged in a conversation.
During the battle, Han’s nephew, Ben Skywalker, tried to arrest Han and Leia for crimes towards the Galactic Alliance. In an attempt to arrest the 2, Ben accidentally slashed Zekk in the abdomen when he was restraining Ben, severely injuring Zekk. After ensuring that Jaina, Zekk, Ben and his crewman escaped, Han and Leia escaped into hyperspace. Still refusing to give up the placement of Qoribu, UnuThul acknowledged that anyone might leave whenever they wanted, and determined to assign a Yoggoy guide to escort the Jedi back to Lizil. The Jedi soon realized that such a collective mind allowed UnuThul to spy on them almost anytime and anyplace on Yoggoy. They visited the crash web site, and Leia acquired Jacen’s circulate-walking message about Qoribu which was within the Gyuel system.
They were followed in 1958 by Frank Cantwell’s Puma and Bruce Goldwater’s Cougar. Also in New Zealand during this era, Ferris de Joux was constructing quite a lot of sports racers. Kit automobile also can refer to two-litre, two-wheel drive rally automobiles used within the FIA 2-Litre World Rally Cup. A health centre where you should have an appointment to be seen by a clinician who will take all needed samples and dispatch these to our laboratory for fast and accurate evaluation. Our clinician can reply your questions and take any swab samples that could be required. All our tests are carried out in accredited UK laboratories to the very best scientific requirements.
Luke insisted that he sensed Raynar’s presence in UnuThul, and guessed Raynar could be in hiding. Raynar then guided the Jedi to learn the Chronicle on the wall, explaining the transformation of Raynar Thul to UnuThul, and the rise of the Unu nest. He aided in the evacuation of Sernpidal, the place the Vong brought a moon down on the planet. However, How To Find The Best E Liquid Brands From Around The World had been unable to save lots of Chewie, who had saved Anakin from the influence by sacrificing himself. Anakin, understanding that going back would outcome within the death of the passengers aboard the Falcon, took off from the planet.
The Glayyd property supplied Han with a approach to get again to the Falcon and Chewbacca. However, at that point a CSA Victory-class Star Destroyer intervened and tractor beamed each ships.
Han was impressed at seeing the former Senator again, even referring to him as sir, a title that hardly ever slipped from his lips. After Lando realized that Bel Iblis’s ships had come from the Katana fleet, Han and Lando began a race with the Empire to find Bel Iblis’s contact who had supplied the ships. Their search led them to the Coral Vanda, however a detour and ambush instigated by Niles Ferrier slowed them sufficient to allow the Empire to succeed in the contact, Hoffner, first. Thanks to coordinates equipped by Talon Karrde, who additionally knew of the fleet’s location, Han, Lando, Luke, and a small team traveled to the location of the fleet, arriving before the Empire did.

This journey on Tatooine gave his wife a new understanding of Anakin Skywalker. Following the hunt for Zsinj, Han returned to Coruscant and discovered—a lot to his dismay—that Leia was requested for her hand in marriage by Prince Isolder of Hapes. At a proper reception the Hapes delegation presented Leia with numerous gifts which included a Hapan Gun of Command and a particular plant. Jealous and depressed, Han went into the undercity of Coruscant and won ownership of the planet Dathomir in a recreation of sabacc.
During the battle to obtain it, Han was contacted by Boba Fett, who demanded the Holocron. The bounty hunter was fought off by the squadron, nevertheless, and the holocron was successfully obtained. After a misadventure on the large playing advanced known as the Wheel, Solo hid out for repairs on Orleon and was soon besieged by an emissary of Jabba the Hutt. Within a week, Solo had rescued the emissary from stone mites and, by some miracle, had the bounty taken off his head.
When the crew of the Purge fell victim to a horrific bioweapon created by the Empire, Han and Chewie had been let out of their cells by Zahara Cody, the ship’s doctor, in a bid for freedom from the virus. Han and Chewbacca managed to help Cody and some others escape from the virus, then regained the Falcon and resumed their smuggling profession. After a disastrous incident on Kamar, where Solo and Chewbacca accidentally started a religion earlier than having to flee with their lives, they returned to the Corporate Sector. When they found the cargo was a group of Lurrian slaves, Solo freed the slaves and killed the slaver Zlarb.

There have been 140 shop items situated on 350,000 square toes of room on a 4-acre website. There had been also 19 escalators, forty lifts, ninety six public doorways, six miles of air ducting and 33 miles of pipe work. The buying centre was air conditioned and had music performed to create an intimate atmosphere within the building. On the lower stage of the purchasing centre was the Bull Ring Bus Station which was used largely by Midland Red and it is successors. Midland Red West operated a journey centre there until closure of the bus station. In 1964, construction of the Birmingham Bull Ring Centre neared completion.
While Lando contacted the Alliance, Solo tried to maintain Chewbacca from being brought onto a slaving ship. Vargi dragged Chewbacca aside and proceeded to beat him for his try to escape. Han couldn’t bear to see Chewbacca being unmercifully beaten and struck Vargi.

Han, Chewbacca and the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-three arrived at Ramiz’s village, Onacra, only to search out it under attack by high-hounds. They managed to drive away the beasts, saving the lifetime of a young woman named Merri to the great relief of her father Oncho, the village spokesman. But their reduction was quick-lived once Serji-X Arrogantus and his gang attacked. Han and the Star-Hoppers did their best to defend the village nevertheless it was to no avail as FE-9Q was killed and Merri’s grandfather, the Old One, dismissed the hired spacers’ assist. Instead of counting on Han and his team, the shaman summoned a big, mythical reptilian monster referred to as the Behemoth from the World Below to handle the invading Cloud-Riders. Using Kihotay’s lightsaber, Han managed to kill the deadly beast once and for all. Han Solo and Chewbacca left Aduba-3 soon after, in the Millennium Falcon, solely to be captured once once more by Crimson Jack and his gang of pirates.
Reaching the fortress, they have been joined by more Noghri, who had been clearing paths for them. Aiding Mara and Luke, who have been challenged by the insane Jedi Master Joruus C’baoth, Han tried to shoot the deranged Jedi, but was hit with Force lightning and had his gun snatched out of his hand. Han continued his seek for the reality behind Ackbar’s accusations and Fey’lya’s activities, journeying to New Cov.

They remained collectively for a short while, however ultimately Tharen left Solo without warning as a result of she felt that she was holding him back. She felt that her struggles with the addictive “Exultation” of the Ylesian t’landa Til would hinder Han’s profession. During a mission on Corellia, Han befriended the half-breed Bey, a person he would later encounter in the course of the Nagai Invasion, shortly after the Battle of Endor. There are additionally scattered reviews that claim Han Solo was present on Kashyyyk in the course of the battle there, near the tail-finish of the Clone Wars. Similar reviews have been made about a transient run-in with bounty hunters looking for an escaped Jedi on the planet Socorro. Although situated near the development and constructed concurrently the Nineteen Sixties centre, it was not part of the development regardless of being included within the design. A poem is engraved into one of many stones within the wall of the Bullring devoted to the Rotunda.
He returned to Tatooine, and began to heal his relationship with the Hutt. He made Kessel Runs for the crime lord, even beating BoShek’s most recent report-breaking time. The stays of Crimson Jack’s Star Destroyer have been found by the Hutt’s agents, and inside days the bounty was again on Solo’s head. An even higher reward was registered for anybody who would capture him alive so Jabba may kill Solo himself. Later, Han and Chewbacca had been employed by Ramiz, a moisture farmer on Aduba-three, to guard his village from a band of native thugs often known as the Cloud-Riders led by Serji-X Arrogantus. To assist with this task, Han and Chewbacca hired six misfit spacers, together with Don-Wan Kihotay, a Human who believed himself to be a Jedi Knight, Jaxxon, a Lepi with a mean disposition, and Jimm Doshun and his droid FE-9Q.

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Author Biography: Elena Ognivtseva

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