CBD Products Great for Endometriosis

During Endometriosis Awareness Month, learn what CBD products are great for endometriosis. From CBD suppositories to adding CBD to your tampons, incorporating CBD vaginally will be beneficial for those who experience symptoms of endometriosis.

CBD Suppositories

Suppositories are CBD products great for endometriosis. Incorporating a CBD suppository into your daily regimen can help reduce symptoms of endometriosis. A suppository is one of the best delivery methods to receive the full potential benefits of CBD. Once inserted into the vagina, CBD immediately penetrates the bloodstream bypassing the kidneys. Research demonstrates suppositories offer the highest bioavailability, making nutrient absorption effective.

CBD Suppository Recipe

  • Ingredients:
    Hard Coconut Oil
    CBD Isolate
    Suppository Molds
  • Directions:
    Melt hard coconut oil based on number of suppositories you want
    Mix desired amount of CBD into melted coconut oil
    Pour CBD/coconut oil mixture into suppository molds
    Place in fridge or freezer to harden.
    Use as needed.
  • How to use:
    Insert suppository vaginally.

CBD Dropper

A Dropper is a very versatile product that can be incorporated a variety of ways to help reduce symptoms of endometriosis. Apply under the tongue like a traditional tincture, add into a smoothie or other recipe, or get creative with applying the CBD and coconut oil mixture to the vagina. Some women who have used CBD during their painful periods have said adding a few drops to your tampon will help. When your menstrual cycle hits, adding a few drops of our Dropper to the tampon can help to distribute the nutrients vaginally. Similarly to a suppository, CBD and coconut oil on the tampon will provide almost immediate effects to reduce undesirable pain.

CBD Topically

Apply your favorite CBD product topically to the intestines to help reduce symptoms created by endometriosis. Topical CBD will penetrate into the body to help eliminate pain and discomfort. Many customers have reported back saying that massaging Freezing Point topically has helped improve their quality of life since being diagnosed with endometriosis.

CBD Lube

Having sex with endometriosis can be painful as the penetration causes the tissue to pull and stretch, causing it to become irritated. Incorporating a CBD Lube like Big Bang, can be beneficial to those with endometriosis who have painful sex. CBD helps to eliminate pain and inflammation in the vagina to allow women more pleasurable sex. Try CBD Lube for sex and improve your sex life.

Where to Buy CBD Products Great for Endometriosis

Buying great CBD products for endometriosis is easier than you might think. With a variety of ways to purchase and do-it-yourself recipes, finding the best CBD products to work with your endometriosis is out there.

  • Online; find CBD products great for endometriosis via a reputable website. Look for test results and check the ingredients to ensure you are consuming a product beneficial for your symptoms.
  • In-store; easily purchase CBD products in a store near you. Many pharmacies and holistic shops will carry CBD locally to pick-up.
  • DIY; using pure CBD isolate, create your own products based off recipes that work best for your body.